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About Me


I'm an optimist and I am relationship driven. My life is full of deep and strong bonds to 
family and friends. If my life were to be judged by the quality of my relationships, I would be viewed as a rich and fortunate man. I am on this site because, for me, life is all the more centered when having someone with whom I can share a sunset, the lyrics to a song, a long run on a trail, or a moment in the day for which laughter is the only appropriate response. I believe life and all we experience was intended to be shared. I am a thinker, a bit of a dreamer, and buoyed by the amazing possibility of love. I work hard, play hard and value honesty and transparency. The arc of a life is a mystery and I don't pretend to have answers for all the complexities of mine. I do know this one thing. I have a great story to tell and it is, if nothing else, an entertaining one. I don't have many answers but I do say yes to laughter, quiet moments, cold beer, great wine, music, long runs, and the joy of being really alive and present. I have a full-on approach to life. Bring it! I have two kids whom I love with every cell in my body but I also have plenty of room for a partner to share my days and wild and wonderful happenings. Most of what I do or commit myself to starts in the heart and leads to action. I am curious and always open to something new to learn, experience, or try. I enjoy a broad view of the world and a wide-open chance to experience all this life has to offer. My personality and inclination is toward the arts. If I had to describe myself it would be as a musician in looks and attitude but a with a love of science. What's a "match"? Someone who wants to be understood but who also wants to understand others, who is open to engaging with alternate perspectives. Who listens intently and speaks with integrity. Someone who values health and fitness but keeps it in balance with fun and pleasure. Someone who is fun appreciates the absurdity of life, lighthearted but in an earnest, compassionate way. Someone who values commitment (when the time for commitment comes) and takes measure of her life by the quality of her relationships. Someone who knows what she needs but can also transcend her own interests in the service of others. Someone who is sensitive to the social impact she is having and is cognizant of the need for compassion and to be on good terms with people. A stimulating conversationalist who can discuss world issues and is passionate about the welfare of others. Someone who is politically oriented towards the left of center, principled in her beliefs but, in fact, a David Brooks-type republican would be fine too. Someone comfortable in her own skin but not beholden to glamour.

Peter - Chapel Hill, NC. Mid-60's, Physician/Researcher

  • Open and nonjudgmental conversation about everything and anything in life. Live music. Good Poetry. Shared meals and silent times togther with loved ones. I am a foodie, but that is both high and low brow meals. Travel. Laughter and always a warm embrace.Family and time with my kids brings me great joy.

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