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I am a woman with a deep passion for adventure, travel, and extraordinary experiences. Being emotionally, financially, spiritually, and physically fit is a valuable priority for me, and my future honey. In my career, I have been blessed through each of my businesses to be challenged both mentally and creatively. I am the proud mama bear of two incredible adult children and two adorable grandchildren and am fortunate to have an incredible tribe of friends.


I respect a strong communicator who is self-aware and loves family, friends, and his home. I love to entertain and create intimate dinners for those I love, and am looking for a deep partnership with a man who also respects healthy independence. I appreciate those who are down-to-earth and believe in kindness to every sentient being. I am a  sapiosexual who is interested in geopolitical happenings of the world and enjoy a good and fun debate. I enjoy wintering in Scottsdale but remain open and excited to where my partner and I desire to be. The man I hope to spend my life with has a great sense of humor, is intelligent, sophisticated, worldly, generous with others, and ready for his true life partner!

I can't wait to meet you!

Gretchen - Wayzata, MN. Age 60's, Entrepreneur.

  • Hiking, climbing, pickleball, art museums, design of all kinds, travel of all kinds, reading, personal development, entertaining, gardening, shopping, time with friends and family, cooking, philanthropy, fundraising, music, being of service, dining out, interested in learning golf, movies, plays/live theater, playing cards, skiing, yoga, nature, fine arts, spirituality, spectator sports, working out.


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