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The Matching Process

First: Contact your personal Love Concierge here with the name(s) of your desired match(es), to receive their professional stamp of approval. (If you are not a private member and/or have not been vetted to meet our members and would like to do so, please click here to schedule your membership interview and background check).

Next: Once your Love Concierge has endorsed your match(es) you may go ahead and finish your $250 per-match checkout and payment process below. (If you have failed to complete the first step and purchase your matches in your Love Cart without gaining approval from your Love Concierge, we cannot guarantee that your desired match will meet you. Therefore, you fully understand and agree that your $250 match fee(s) are and will be non-refundable).

Finally: Be sure to follow Kai-len's guidelines throughout the matching process to support the greatest ability for success in love!

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