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About Me!


I am spontaneous, passionate, and extremely fun. My career has spanned management consulting, institutional equity, private investments, and real estate development. My work has taken me all over the country but has been concentrated between Minneapolis and New York. I have three beautiful young adult daughters - all successful, kind, and living their dreams. They too, are incredibly fun. Last year I changed direction and began working with Augustana University in Sioux Falls. Crazy - I know, but I love it. Working with brilliant professors in a culture of service is truly a gift. But… I am not committed to South Dakota forever. My next chapter will be with a wonderful man - possibly you - who has achieved his dreams and wants to share his passion, his life and his family with me and my girls.

Jodi - Sioux Falls, SD | Executive

  • I love the lake. I mean - I really love the lake. To wake up in the morning with an Italian Roast coffee at the end of the dock, then take the boat out for a super-fast drive across the lake which is like a liquid mirror… that is the start to a perfect day. A cool swim. And a glass of cabernet by the bonfire is the perfect ending. I love the boats in St. Tropez, the gelato in Italy, the brilliant turquoise and white painting the landscape in Greece, the museums in Paris, the tenderloin in Montana, the skiing in Colorado, the topfengolatsche in Vienna and of course, my lake cabin in Wisconsin. Generosity is my way of life. I love to entertain and make dreams come true. Spontaneity, exploring, sharing, playing, discovering, loving. That’s me.

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